September 16, 2019 The mass consumer world and luxury world are different. The online content marketing has taken over the expensive TV commercials and campaigns. According to experts, in the recent years the luxury brand value had a huge fall. There is a lack of brand loyalty in the online content marketing and customers are purchasing just by their friend’s and family’s feedback.
Therefore, it is essential to businesses to know how to promote their brand online in this new era of marketing. Experts explain that top brands like Nike and Puma are still gaining huge profit because people are confident about their products and services. However, there are some brands that must keep working with strong strategies, otherwise they lose great opportunity of customer engagement.


Authentic Marketing:

The association between customers and products has an influence on the communication between premium brands. The technology today is so advanced, and people are too smart, you need planning and unique strategies to survive in the world of online content marketing. The product of every brand has their own unique quality, prices, services and packaging.

Customers are extremely tech savvy and they are always on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media is an excellent source of driving traffic, generating leads and interacting with customers. Your social media page should be attractive and make it highly engaging. Immediate reply should be sent to customer’s queries. This will fetch loyal customers and will improve brand credibility.
The brands and their products are highly respected online. It is challenging for many top brands who have hired advertisers by spending huge amount of money to make their online brand presence. Branding plays a crucial part in online content marketing. For a great customer experience, it is important that you interact regularly with customers both online and offline.

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