September 18, 2019 Copywriting should always be attractive and compelling. A well written copy helps customer understand what you are offering. There are many agencies that offer excellent web content writing services including copywriting. The following tricks and commandments will help you create an attractive and engaging copy –


Know your Target Audience:

Before generating web content writing, you should know who your target audience is. Find out what services they are interested in, what products they have purchased from you and how old they are. The more you are aware about the customer, the better and appropriate copy you can create.

Determining the Value Proposition:

You should know why customers will be interested in buying your products and services, how will they be benefitted by this and how is your product better than the others.

Finding your Unique Selling Proposition:

You must stand out by offering unique services and better products. Think of creative ideas to offer something new. These products and services must compel customers to purchase it from you. A great way of attracting customers is to produce authentic and attractive web content writing.

Establishment of Objective:

You should know the purpose of writing the e-mail and what you want the readers to do after reading this e-mail. You must know these before you begin to write. You should have a clear objective.

Use an Attractive Subject Line:

Subject line triggers readers to open it. Therefore, it should be impressive and attention grabbing. Readers should be compelled and convinced to open it. Use words like you, new, exclusive, exciting, etc. Don’t make it too long.

Write Attractive Headline:

Once the email is opened, the next thing the readers will notice is the headline. The headline will decide if readers want to read further or not. After reading the headline, reader should feel “what does it offer?”

Weasel Words must be Avoided:

Avoid using words like – wish, hope, may, maybe, perhaps, could, but, etc. Instead, use phrases like “our services will” or “our products can”.

Use Present Tense in your Writing:


Passive voice will make the message dull and weak. For example – “Our agency was chosen for an award” vs “Our agency received an award”. Your copy can be greatly improved with these top tips. Make it simple to understand. For further help, contact Content Writing Jaipur. We provide all services related to content like – blog writing, article writing, technical content writing, copywriting, web content writing, content for social media, product description, etc. Get effective services with guaranteed results