Summer Sun- Hobby classes in Jaipur for all round development and fun for your kid

No. 1 out of top 10 summer camps in Jaipur

Summer Sun India- Top Summer Camp in Jaipur Summer vacations are there in Jaipur, and the biggest question is how to engage your kids so that they are not just engaged but learn something innovative as well. Yes, Jaipur seems to be the best place in this regard as there are numerous options available for kids to spend their summer vacations in something creative. But with numerous options available now the question arises which is the best summer camp for kids in Jaipur? top summer camps in Jaipur- Summer Sun India The answer lies with one of a kind hobby class center, Summer Sun in Jaipur, India that is creating wonders these days. As already stated, there are so many hobby classes in Jaipur available, what makes Summer Sun different is its approach that focuses on almost all important aspects that any kid must focus on. For instance, the curriculum includes art and craft for the kids, awareness of kids towards plants, trees or nature, yoga and fitness, healthy eating habits, dancing, inculcating habits to stay away from gadgets and most importantly taking kids to their parents. In all it has everything from fun, education, health, humanity to self awareness, which is must for overall development of any kid.

Who can join Summer Sun in Jaipur, India?

Summer Sun, welcomes kids from all schools not just in Jaipur rather throughout India who are of age 4 to 10 years. Since the curriculum is designed by experts, care is taken to see that the kids enjoy fully and stay away from any kind of pressure. It is considered best for kids who prefer spending most of the times with gadgets or are not aware of healthy eating habits. May be that’s the reason why the first batch for the year 2019 was full in the initial phase only.

Students from which schools are already enjoying in the summer camp?

You can find students from Jayshree Periwal, MGD, St. Anslem, Xaviers, CGPS etc already utilizing their summer vacations by joining Summer Sun in Jaipur,  India.

What is the duration of summer camp for kids in Jaipur in Summer Sun India?

The duration for joining this one of the best summer camps in Jaipur is 15 days. However, depending upon the time, planning is going on to start another batch with 10 days as the schools are opening shortly.

Are the registrations open for hobby classes in Jaipur?

Yes, the registrations are still open for the next 10 days summer camp and you need to call 9829039777 to get your kid registered. If you have queries, then send your email at So what are you waiting for? If you are search for the best summer camps in Jaipur, then you can end your search with Summer Sun.