September 17, 2019 Once your blog is published, you want it to be found and read. You invest hours to generate a quality and attractive blog. But you should know that just posting your blog online is not enough to drive traffic. There are many agencies that provide the service of blog content writing and blog marketing.


Avoid Formatting Errors:

Once you have finished the blog content writing, proofread carefully to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Also make sure the formatting is correct. Once the blog is live, check it properly. If you find any formatting error, immediately edit the post and click update.

Use Variations in Social Media Posts:

According to experts, around 20 snippets should be prepared for social media posts. Snippets could be:

• A unique headline
• Statistics
• Quotes present in the content
• Images or infographics used
Use different variations of these snippets on different social media platforms.

Email Must be Sent to your List:

Whenever a new blog is posted, share it with the email list you have. Offer answers to the audience with your blogs. The email should compel them to read your blog.

The email template must include:
• Attractive Introduction
• The title of the blog along with its link
• Extract from the post
• End it with an eye-catchy call to action

Ask Influencers to Share Your Post:


Grabbing influencer’s attention will help your blog grow rapidly. You need strategies to encourage and convince influencers to share your post:
• Firstly, give them publicity for their new launched product or book. Let them know through email that you have featured them in your post.
• Take their opinion while writing on some specific topic. Inform them once the post is live and ask them to share it.
• The blog content writing should be highly engaging and attractive. Ask influencers for their opinions.

Respond to People’s Comment:

It is important that you actively respond to reader’s comments. This will improve your brand’s credibility. It has the following benefits:
• Drives huge traffic
• Generates leads
• Enhances sales
• Increases the number of shares

Thank and Express Gratitude for Tweeting and Retweeting:

Thank people for sharing your blog on Twitter. This small gesture can help you interact and build a strong relationship with your followers. Try to add personal touch in the thank you message.
Hope these tips help you extract most out of your blog content writing. Looking for further help related to content? Contact Content Writing Jaipur to avail best services for the growth and profit of your business.